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The best

Sarah and Sophie

We love Wild Coast Raw! I've used different raw food brands in the past and Wild Coast is honestly the best.

Dog’s coat is so healthy

Leone X Hiroko

Thank you for making such high quality raw food available to us. My dog’s coat is so healthy, and it's all because of the healthy food of yours that she eats every day. I keep recommending your raw food to all of my pet owner friends.

Love that you’re local


Ya'll are the best!!! Love that you're local...we love supporting you guys! Just got a bulk rabbit box...can't wait!


Sara Gingerich

Not only an amazing product but beautiful packaging.

Loves all meats from you


My dog’s coat is soooo soft and shiny, I'd been feeding my dog raw food but once I switched to yours, the change on her coat was definitely noticeable. Thank you. She loves all meats from you.

Worth the trip


My kitty loves your raw turkey. Picked up 15 pounds last Saturday. The pet store is 80 miles from us. Worth the trip!

Your food is the best

Taisa Foster

I appreciate your food so much! Thank you for what you are doing! Thank you for not mixing egg into your recipes and for having single protein frozen raw dog foods available for us. We have had quite the battle since she was born with food allergies. She also has to stay very low carb and raw or she gets yeast infections in her ears. So far your food is the best I have found. it gives me hope that she will be able to have a healthy, itch-free life!

Smells so fresh

Carolyn Madsen

My dogs love your rabbit with pork. Easy and it smells so fresh.

Happy cat

Susan Dahl

I've been feeding my cat Dusty who is 6 years old the Wild Coast Raw cat food and I've tried all types...He's 20 lbs. of pure muscle and he's such a joy he is such a happy cat. Thank you for this great food!!!

Sleeps through the night now

Jama Braden-Fierro

My Rat Terrier eats 1 patty a day, I'm so glad we made the switch to Wild Coast Raw! We've seen so many improvements, one of the best being that he sleeps through the night now and we don't have to get up multiple times during the night to let him outside!

Leroy is thriving

Paws in the PNW

Thanks you guys, we love your products so much, Leroy is thriving because of your duck food!

For people with picky cats

Kaycee Jp

My cat DEVOURS the rabbit and chicken! Any other raw food is "meh" to him. I love making samples and sharing my experience with customers with picky cats! (I work at one of your retailers).

My pups love it

Melanie Sidwell Olson

You've been our favorite food since you came on the scene. My pups love it and it's the only food my 19-year-old picky CKD cat will eat.

Best food ever

Teri Wallace

Wild Coast Raw is the best food ever! If you haven't tried it I highly recommend that you do so!

Your food saved his life

Kellie Raydon

...So grateful we found you! Our kitty has allergies and this is the food that saved his life!

Game changer

Taisa Foster

The rabbit with pork has been a positive game changer for us, as is the duck."

Staple food

Ashley Cardinal

Wild Coast has become my diabetic cat's staple food. Low carb excellent food for her!

Obsessed with Wild Coast Raw


Thank you for helping my senior lab thrive. He just turned 12 today. He's been on mostly Wild Coast Raw for 2 years now. We are obsessed with your food!

Reasonably priced

Shedd Rescue

Thank you for bulk boxes! Most reasonably priced duck, my dogs love all the proteins.

Bulk boxes

Shedd Rescue

Brought home 18 bulk boxes of duck and beef. Inhaled without hesitation by my dog pack of 6! Nice packaging."

Picky eater

Keep the Tail Wagging (Kimberly)

One of my dogs will ONLY eat Wild Coast Raw, so now I'm ordering it regularly for him.

Our cats devour it

Our cats devour it

We are not your average cat owners. We have an organic farm and for 16 years we raised our own free-range cows, goats, chickens and turkeys. We have always fed our cats raw food and from our livestock.

When we stopped raising livestock, we tried buying other prepared foods but our spoiled cats turned up their noses and went out and caught mice instead of eating what we put in their dish. Until we found Wild Coast Raw! It was an immediate hit and they devour it.

Awesome food

Susan Dahl

I'm going to buy a small freezer just for my cat food...so thankful for your awesome food for my cat!

Tremendous difference

Ann Pytynia

I really appreciate your feline diet. We almost lost our 17-year-old cat in May 2023. Andrew Hall on the Facebook Feline Chronic Kidney Disease site told me about your foods, and I have been on them ever since and it has made a tremendous difference in our 17-year-old-cat.

Exceptional nutrition

Gem De Leon

Thank you so much for making a convenient food I never have to worry about giving my CKD and diabetic cat. She has been raw fed her entire life so for her to develop these chronic health conditions, especially diabetes, is extremely rare. But, here we are.

CKD = diabetic cat parents know the struggle of sourcing quality food that has to be low in phosphorus, low carb, low sodium, and bone-free.

Many commercially available raw cat foods contain too much of one of those things so they are not an option. Yours is the only brand we have found that is medically appropriate for her - and allows us to avoid giving in to the big brand "prescription diets." Though their nutrition profiles may look good on paper, we all know they’re made with questionable ingredients. Franken-food by the time it's shaped into kibble. Glad to see you're growing and bringing access to exceptional nutrition to pet owners throughout the Pacific Northwest. Ya'll are amazing!

Top quality raw pet food for people who love their pets.


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