Impeccable standards

Safety is and always will be a priority at Wild Coast Raw. From product development to sourcing ingredients and crafting meals, we uphold the highest safety standards.

Kitchen safety

While working in our kitchen, each employee follows our strict rules regarding frequent handwashing and disinfecting as well as use of gloves, rubber aprons, protective shoes and hairnets during production.

Equipment safety

We are continually sanitizing all work surfaces. We break down equipment to thoroughly wash and sanitize it after each batch of food, and regularly inspect our equipment to ensure safe, optimal functionality.

Food safety

Our facility is HPP free. We choose to use a lactic acid wash to ensure the nutrients in our ingredients stay intact but bacteria-free. Our raw food undergoes frequent testing for harmful bacteria.

The finest ingredients

Our meats are sourced from free-range and grass-fed, family-owned farms. We're proud to support cage- and crate-free environments throughout 100% of our products. Our meats are antibiotic- and hormone-free, USDA inspected, human grade quality and always kept at safe temperatures. The produce we use is 100% organically grown and seasonally sourced. All of our raw food formulas for cats and dogs are AAFCO approved.

Human-grade food

Wild Coast Raw produces human-grade food that you could feel comfortable eating yourself. But that’s not what you’ll find in most commercial pet foods. And it’s easy to see why.

Over 70% of dog people don’t know what’s in the food they give their dogs. And the regulations regarding pet food are surprisingly lax. They allow ingredients to come from “rendering facilities,” which break down dead animals for use in products and may include everything from dead livestock and zoo animals to road kill and expired meat from grocery stores. You’d never feed your family those items, so why would you give them to your dog or cat?

Top quality raw pet food for people who love their pets.


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